Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Why do not you express your wishes hundred thousand. Are there any expectations I had with your soul ..?

 or I'm just a shadow you cast. Once you're lost and hidden in time, behind where no fixed steps, even your shadow can not keep up I drew. Because I hesitate to describe your physical body.

             Still I can not believe that you're standing right in front of me lah. Looked at me, smiled at me. Where have you been? It's quite a long time since we met. Then just as suddenly you appeared, bringing new hope has long wanted me to the grave. But really I could not blame you, because I know you do not always have to be mine. It is only the cradle of imagination that surrounds and warm feelings. And then I smiled instead of yours.

             "How to Say ..? '

I want to look at you, eyes staring straight ahead, like trying to find the sincerity of the question. "How is he ..?" If you really wanted to know how? But I really do not look at your eyes at all, let alone ask for all that.

            "Thank God, good enough" I said, finally.

            'You ..? "You paused ..

            "Very Good"

            "Thank God .." I said.

            "I'm glad we could meet again"

            "I" I said lightly

            You silent again. Is there a something to prop your heart ..? say, tell., I have a long time to listen to you, try removing all yearn to hear your voice, see your face. Because we will not know what tomorrow. Will we meet again ..? + or meeting an end ..? Should I wait and wait again ..? or all of it is a sign that you're not for me.

            "Rik ...? "You look very nervous and agitated.

            "Will you come back here tomorrow ..? that I want to convey. "I nodded too though a little surprised by the request.

            "Sure ..! 1 pm, we finished college .. "

            "Good" Said you.

            And I did not wait for the next day. My heart was pounding. What would you like to say ..? Could it be that you would say the most beautiful ever-present in my imagination ..?