Saturday, January 11, 2014

The embrace

What hidden a hug?
What magic, forcing in the hidden?
The embrace, is a share of warmth
Where are solace and refuge mutual
Where is happiness present
And returns only the embrace
Lost forces, incentive and encouragement
And even the same joy

It is the hug between friends
Show more faithful of affection
It is expression of joy
When a new gathering souls, unite
of joy and greeting when we achieve the cherished goal,
Or sometimes just evidence of a deep feeling
That it is impossible to express with words

The arms of a friend,
They are the only refuge for who feels death of cold
They are that place of peace where rests
When the long road of life
Us does not grant a minute of calm.
Are like pillars which sustain us
When around everything collapses
And to embrace us retain
One last hope.

Tenderness and understanding are enclosed in the embrace
And it seems to embrace us
Until the sadness is silent.
So when you feel that I am faint
Or you different shade in my eyes
Or when you want to share with me
The joy or the penalty that invades you,
When you feel that the words do not reach
For what you want to say,
Do not say anything, save the words
And just hug!

When you lose love

Everyone in life have suffered from unrequited love, we admit it, all have broken us heart ever, and in different ways.
Who has really felt love, delivers full heart, the soul, the spirit, in every gesture, every word and every Kiss; to be suddenly abandoned by that emotion, that being that it complemented your heartbeat and your existence, it leaves you empty, incomplete, lost.

If not you feel well in your life, as if after learning to fly someone reminds you that you've never really had wings and you fall into the void, then can only pass 2 things: you're happy because you still have that be special to the side, or, actually, you've never loved. Only he has loved really can feel what is going from heaven to hell, for those who have lost love, nothing in this life is similar to the sky, and everything is so empty and sad, as perhaps is hell.

When love is lost, colors are switched off, the sound muted, life stops. It is as if you woke up one day having to remind the body, breathing, then destroyed the illusions inside, suddenly your body, seems unwilling to life, and we are robots, walking aimlessly, without direction, without incentives, uninspired.

Thus feels lose love, so you feel you break the heart.

They have broken me the heart so many times, and when that happens, even if you do not want it you get more cautious. That, even if you want to see a good side, those things that we repeat over and over again, to make us feel good and that we are not wrong, the truth is that it really brings not very good things, we are more closed, more suspicious; be cautious, is nothing to be afraid, to hurt us, just that. But be cautious also makes us somehow sit empty, the void that leaves you inability or refusal to feel, only for fear of the damage that we can do next, another forgotten, another abandonment.

But know us what life has for each prepared?, know if you cross the corner, we find that person able to leave you breathless? And if so, as to know if there will be a forever, or will only be a new goodbye? Tea refuse to fly, only by fear of falling?
I don't have the answers to all the questions that arise me in life, but one thing if, love, even with all its facets, with all its consequences, even with pain that can bring, will always be worthwhile. If I suffer a thousand years by 1 second of love, I think that it would do it again and again without regret.

So, if you're going to love, risk it all, give it all, there is no media in love terms. And although there is a forever, having felt that beat that it complements and it fits with yours, you believe me, well worth the attempt.