Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Why do not you express your wishes hundred thousand. Are there any expectations I had with your soul ..?

 or I'm just a shadow you cast. Once you're lost and hidden in time, behind where no fixed steps, even your shadow can not keep up I drew. Because I hesitate to describe your physical body.

             Still I can not believe that you're standing right in front of me lah. Looked at me, smiled at me. Where have you been? It's quite a long time since we met. Then just as suddenly you appeared, bringing new hope has long wanted me to the grave. But really I could not blame you, because I know you do not always have to be mine. It is only the cradle of imagination that surrounds and warm feelings. And then I smiled instead of yours.

             "How to Say ..? '

I want to look at you, eyes staring straight ahead, like trying to find the sincerity of the question. "How is he ..?" If you really wanted to know how? But I really do not look at your eyes at all, let alone ask for all that.

            "Thank God, good enough" I said, finally.

            'You ..? "You paused ..

            "Very Good"

            "Thank God .." I said.

            "I'm glad we could meet again"

            "I" I said lightly

            You silent again. Is there a something to prop your heart ..? say, tell., I have a long time to listen to you, try removing all yearn to hear your voice, see your face. Because we will not know what tomorrow. Will we meet again ..? + or meeting an end ..? Should I wait and wait again ..? or all of it is a sign that you're not for me.

            "Rik ...? "You look very nervous and agitated.

            "Will you come back here tomorrow ..? that I want to convey. "I nodded too though a little surprised by the request.

            "Sure ..! 1 pm, we finished college .. "

            "Good" Said you.

            And I did not wait for the next day. My heart was pounding. What would you like to say ..? Could it be that you would say the most beautiful ever-present in my imagination ..?

That day, the day that surprised me. You sat on the front campus. I still remember the clothes are blue. Long black hair seemed to cover most of your face. Your face looks fresh though still uneasy fade.

           "What would you like to say ..? "I asked. I was too curious to inquire first. You did not answer. Some time was silent.

            "You remember, ..? precision in this place a year ago, for the first time all the feelings you express your love for me. "I just nodded. I'm amazed you still remember all of it. I do not know what to say ..? I tried to once again look into your eyes. Just trying to draw meaning from what you say it. But you actually down, cover your face with your hair strands.

            "I can not answer that time, even when you say it many times again after that day. I've never been able to answer, Rik. Because it's really long I think you can never be more than friends. I'm sorry, Erik ..! "continue.

            I further do not understand where you're going. Why would you bring up again all that ..? All that has been wanting me grave, although difficult for me to accept all of it.

            "I'm impressed, Rik. Are you still willing to be my friend. Always try to understand me, to be the best person who is always there with me, you're even willing to do anything for myself. I wish that time ..... "You suddenly silent. Go back down and now cover your face with both palms.

            "What would you like to say ..? "I repeat my question. Trying to hold you pass on those memories. I do not understand, what exactly has happened to you ..? why suddenly you care my feeling ..? and since when it all started ..? say, I really want to know.

            "Now I've realized, Rik. All that I never realized before, all sides of my heart that has not been noticed. You're the real that I've been looking for, parts my soul never wasted and I found it again. And I hope my soul mate was willing to come back to me. '

            I'm really flattered. You like answer all my dreams all this time. But was it all a dream-a dream that just missed ..? Really only have time to answer all? Or the time has listed a new story to you ..? is there anything that you're hiding from me ..? say, if we are true soul separated pair.

            "Do you remember the Jatie now ..? is not he that had you think your soul mate ..? what's wrong with it ..? What has happened between you guys ..? "Suddenly I want to ask all of them.

             I ventured hold your chin, enforcing head, parted hair that covers your face. I looked at those eyes deeply. In all until I get grief splash-splash behind luster radiance. Where it all comes ..? Say ..... do not let it be my ill unflagging.

            "He's ....." You arrived - arrived quietly. Breath sounds highly irregular. A few seconds later a grain of tears already dripping and wet cheeks.

            "He's gone, Rik .., He did not choose me, Rik. I was wrong, Rik .. "I hold you, I let you cry your heart's content. Take out the tears. Bring out until there remains the slightest. Until the pain and grief that can dry out with him.

            I'll walk you home that afternoon. There is one thing I can give answer. That day was the strangest day I ever passed. At night, I'm still thinking about everything. Everything you've said and what I have felt. So many questions are reverberating in my head. All the question-who never could find the answer.

            One day, one week, one month. You still kept begging me. But really I never dared to play with heart. Apparently right time can change everything.

            Now I'm sitting right in front of the fireplace, trying desperately to burn all remaining doubt. Orange flame danced before me, but I feel the slightest warmth. And I began to whisper "Why can not I be happy with presence back ..? Why your presence even invite a million doubts in my heart ...? Oh, Ericha .., you should never reappear. Allow me to hold my first. I feel happier time "

            Try to express your wishes hundred of thousands. Really I'm with the expectations of your soul ..? Really I was your soul mate ..? or I'm just a shadow cast you ...? Because I love you so much.

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